I’m not big into ranking services but if I were, this past Sunday would go in the Top 3 for sure! Here’s why.

Near record crowd – Lot’s of new faces & lots of returning faces Sunday. We also had another new commitment which is what this whole church thing is all bout anyway. It NEVER gets old!

Our cafe is so underrated – I think we frequently underestimate the significant role donuts & coffee can have on an environment. Sunday was one of those times I was reminded how many relationships and conversations these two small items have helped create. Props to Denise & the cafe crew for making it happen week after week.

I could hear everyone singing – We like it loud at CP and sometimes, that makes it hard to hear those around you singing. Everyone must have been singing their hearts out on Sunday because, despite the high volume level, I could hear people singing & it was beautiful!

STORY might be the  most creative series we’ve ever done – From the stage design, to the bumper video, to the worship & visual aids, this series is setting a whole new standard for creativity at CP & I’m loving in!

We have a church of servants – As I was leaving Sunday, I noticed people chipping in to help with production tear down & it was yet another example of how, week after week, we have people that see a need and go out of their way to serve & help meet that need. So blessed we have a culture of servanthood at CP!


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