Arms & Friends.

In Exodus 17 we see a story about Moses and the whining, complaining group of Israelites he was leading out of bondage. Moses had been called by God for this task but he was tired, weary and ministry and life had worn him down. As the story continues, we see a battle take place that Moses watches from the top of a mountain. When he held up his arms,  the Israelites were winning but when his arms got tired & down, they would start to lose. Two of Moses most loyal friends, Aaron & Hur, went on both sides of Moses and held up his weary, tired arms.

I used this analogy Monday night in our Leadership Team meeting to illustrate the point of how important it is for us to have and be good friends. Life & ministry will wear us down at times. When those times come, we need people to stand along side us and hold up our tired, weary arms.

God did not mean for us to do life alone so here’s a question – Do you have people in your life who will hold up your arms & secondly, would anyone say that you’re the person in their life who would stand alongside them when things get tough? I believe we should strive to answer yes to both.

Thoughts to ponder…


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