Worship was raw & real – Josh & Johnny pulled off an amazing acoustic set that was as passionate and engaging as ever it has ever been! It’s powerful what can happen when you strip away the excess once and while. When the heart and motive is in line with God’s Spirit, it doesn’t matter if it’s loud or quiet, contemporary or traditional, acoustic or electric.
Kidspoint Expands – We added a pre-school class on Sunday moving our class total from 2 to 3. So proud of all the Dream Teamers that made this happen! It’s been a long time in the making & I couldn’t ask for better people to lead the charge!
The Tension is God – This might be Catalyst’s tag-line this year, but it’s been a personal theme for me over the last couple of months. Sunday was one of those days where everything had a glitch but EVERYONE embraced the tension and worked through it, forgetting about what had happened & focusing on what was still to come.
The Newcomers that didn’t have Newcomers – We do a Newcomers lunch every 6-weeks for people who are new to CP. Yesterday was the first time ever that no one stayed. Since we had a bunch of food for people that weren’t there we ended up eating lunch in one of the theaters with about 20 people who were still hanging around after tear-down. It was an amazing time simply because  it was a group of people who serve together on Sunday but rarely get to hang together for a Sunday lunch. Good times.
The Gospel is like a fine wine – It moves, it expands,  & it’s alive! If we claim to teach and follow this Gospel, our churches and our lives should look the same. When our traditions become more important than reaching people we have failed at the Great Commission & I prayer CP will always stay on the path thats moving forward instead of the one that looks back.

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