The Blog Is Back!

I took just about the entire summer off from blogging but the end has finally come & the blog is officially back complete with a new look & layout! Next Monday, I’ll be back with my weekly CP RECAP post but for now, let me catch you up on what’s happened over the summer.

  • Celebrated Owen’s 1st b-day on the 4th & he had a pretty awesome built-in finally with the fireworks.
  • Had CP’s 1st baptism service & baptized some amazing people with Matt Kysor. Awesome!
  • Got rid of Aubri’s binky…for good.


  • Celebrated my 5-year wedding anniversary with my lovely wife & best friend Kristyn VanBuskirk.
  • Found myself reading Biblical commentaries for fun. What’s was wrong with me!?
  • Closed out CP’s 2nd annual Crazy Love Family Day with a crowd of over 800 people!


  • Watched the Reds stay in 1st place…is this really happening?
  • Watched the Buckeyes smash the Hurricanes of Miami!
  • Celebrated CP’s 1-year anniversary (9.12.10) at Danbarry Cinemas with lot’s of cupcakes, & a cheesy, full band rendition of happy birthday 🙂

One thought on “The Blog Is Back!

  1. Kristyn says:

    It’s been a great summer!! Can’t wait to see what this Fall has in store! Love!!!

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