Since I didn’t preach the last few weeks I took some time off from doing my weekly recaps but that time off is no more & so back in saddle I go! Yesterday we started a brand new series called The Blessed Life. This is going to be a challenging series.

  • People like free donuts. We started a new cafe time yesterday from 10-10:30am and offered FREE Crispie Creme Donuts. Not only did people show up early but man did they eat those donuts!
  • Teamwork. Had a Kidspoint worker yesterday (my wife) who wasn’t feeling the greatest & was running a bit behind schedule. The head of our nursery (Matt’s wife), jumped right in & helped her out. Love the culture of servanthood we’re creating here.
  • Awkward moments happen. We put a great deal of effort in making sure all elements of our service transition seamlessly on Sunday morning accepting the fact that sometimes, awkward moments will still happen. The band had one of those moments yesterday. I missed it, but when I came in everything was going just as planned because they adjusted. That’s what a good team does.
  • Our people like having their toes stepped on. Some people like to go to church, fill a seat & then go home & feel good about themselves. I truly believe most of the people at Centerpoint are the opposite & prefer to be challenged about what it truly looks like to live like Jesus. Faith is active, not passive & CP lives this out week after week.
  • Centerpoint will have a barn mindset. The barn mindset recognizes that God has given us so much, not to keep it to ourselves, but to share it with others. Yesterday, I saw a group of people openly confess that this is the mindset they want to have and live by & I thank God for a group of people who will humbly & sacrificially admit & work towards that goal.  

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