We talked about the Holy Spirit on Sunday & man did He show up! A powerful service full of life change!

  • The people of CP want God’s power in their lives. I deeply believe that many of us are only living half the life we could be because we aren’t tapping into the power God has given us through the Holy Spirit. Sunday we had a bunch of people confess they wanted the Holy Spirit to be a significant part of their lives & that is exciting!
  • God is taking us to new depths as a church. We’ve been taking a lot of twists & turns along our journey as a church lately & I’m loving every second of it! Sunday was another reminder of this & I believe God is deepening our faith & preparing to take us somewhere we have yet to see. I’ll keep you posted on this one 🙂
  • Everyone wants acknowledged. In my short time as a church planter/pastor I’ve come to realize that most people come to church to make a connection & that connection is often relational. I believe that even the person who says they just wants to “blend in” hopes to make a genuine connection at some point. I think we should attempt to acknowledge everyone regularly so that connection happens sooner rather than later.
  • CP has a team full of problem solvers. When you’re a portable church, some type of minor crisis usually happens on a regular basis. Without fail, our team resolves the crisis & most of the time, I don’t even know about it until after the fact.
  • True leaders do stuff without request or reward. Our Executive Pastor, Matt Kysor, did something this week that gave the word “follow-up” a whole new meaning. He wasn’t asked to do it & there was nothing in it for him. One of many stories I could share from our incredible Leadership Team!



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