We kicked off a new series entitled Q this week & it’s one of the most unique series we’ve ever done. At the end of each week, we are allowing 10-15min of live q&a via text messaging. Week #1 is in the books & it exceeded my expectations!

I love Newcomers! Every 6-weeeks at Centerpoint Kristyn & I get a chance to have lunch with all the newer faces and share our vision as well as listening to their questions about the church. We had one of our biggest Newcomers yet yesterday and it was great to see more new people excited about joining the journey with us.

People will often respect authenticity over knowledge. This series is requiring me to be as authentic & open as I have ever been on the stage. A year ago, it would have truly been hard for me to admit that I don’t know all the answers in front of our entire church. Over time however, I’ve realized that there’s no sense in pretending I do when I don’t. At the end of the day, we all know no one really has it all figured out so why should I act like I do.

Kidspoint is on a whole notha level! Along with kicking off a new series of their own this week, KP saw an addition of a pre-class activity area complete with a Wii gaming center! I love it that we have coordinators & teachers passionate about kids & go the extra mile to make sure they are successfully connecting kids to Jesus & to one another.

You always need a person who is honest no matter what. In my life, that’s my wife. She pushes me to be better at what I do & is willing to give the hard critique few others would give. She’s my biggest cheerleader but also my toughest coach. We like to hear the compliments & feel good but we always need someone who reminds us where not there just yet 🙂

The best quote ever! Yesterday in Newcomers a 12-year old boy said ” I just know if my friend would come here his life would change!”



One thought on “RECAP

  1. JEV says:

    The post is great but that quote is terrific!

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