No Perfect People Allowed has been one of my all-time favorite series at Centerpoint & we closed it out this week with a bang! Side Note: Our Executive Pastor, & my dear friend, Matt Kysor taught this week so I got to see things from a totally different angle.

Worship = Wow! We have an amazing band & every week is better than the last. That said, I guess this should be no surprise but there was something incredibly significant and special about the set this week. God’s Spirit was all over the place & it was clear that many people were connecting like never before!

It’s good for leaders to observe once & while. Every now & then I take a break from the stage & every-time it refreshes my perspective on Centerpoint. I believe it’s necessary for every leader to step back from their usual roles once & a while & observe the very thing they are leading.

Centerpoint is in capable hands with or without me. At the end of this month, Kristyn & I will head out on vacation for a week & I know Centerpoint won’t miss a beat. As I sat down Sunday & watched Matt teach I began to realize again, that Centerpoint’s weekend experience has little to do with me, a lot to do with our team & everything to do with God!

I wish I had Kidspoint when I was a kid. It has a lot to do with the fact we meet in a theater but where else do kids get to have a party at their church that includes a private viewing of How To Train Your Dragon on the big screen!? One of the most popular kid flicks out right now & our kids got to see it for FREE!

The momentum continues. It started a few weeks before Easter & has continued to build ever since. Our people are engaged & connected. We have new faces every week. Our numbers are growing & life-change is happening! God is reminding me every week that He is totally in this thing!



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