Confronting the System

Recently I was watching a video by Rob Bell about the impact of Jesus life & resurrection. I’ve included the video above in case you haven’t seen it. In the beginning of the video, Rob makes the statement that one cannot “confront a corrupt system of power without paying for it.” I have been pondering those words since I heard them and I must admit they make me quite uncomfortable.

The corrupt system Jesus was confronting was not only the government but also the religious system set before Him. The government certainly despised much of what He did, but it was most often the ones who claimed religion that persecuted Him the most. Jesus did things differently and He was persecuted for it by the system. Today, I believe many of us who claim religion, sometimes find ourselves comforted more by the system and the traditions instead of by the hope of our Savior. When we stop pledging allegiance to the traditions of our religious system opposition is sure to ensue.

Surrendering fully to God often goes against the status quo. Jesus confronted the system & He paid for it with His life. If the way we follow God doesn’t cause us to do things that make others scratch their heads & oppose us, maybe we aren’t confronting the system as much as we should.

I believe this is a thought all of us who claim faith in Jesus should consider.



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