Week #3 of No Perfect People Allowed. We had a stripped down band and a team of fellow church planters visiting us. The good times rolled…

New faces are turning into familiar faces. We’ve had lots of new faces since Easter and many of those faces are returning  regularly and becoming more familiar faces. It’s great to see people connecting!

It’s hard to admit imperfection. During this series we have talked a lot about our human imperfections and the truth is, it’s never easy to admit our flaws. Most of us have been taught, whether intentional or not, to wear a mask at church and as hard as it is to take off the mask, it is incredibly liberating once we actually do it!

Prioritizing church. We all have priorities in our life and when we value things we try to find ways to make time for them. We have people at Centerpoint who have never really attended church that have now rearranged their schedules just to be at Centerpoint! Wow!

Our team is so flexible. We had a worship leader who couldn’t sing,  a nursery worker who couldn’t be there & a scheduled cafe worker who was sick. Some churches would have probably cancelled worship, closed down the nursery & skipped the coffee but our team came together & made sure none of that happened! So blessed to serve with people who truly get the vision and realize it’s not about them!

We’re all in this thing together. We had a group of fellow church planters from Ohio visit us on Sunday to see how we do things. Considering we don’t know much yet, it was a humbling experience, but it has always been my prayer that we would freely help others who are trying to point people to Jesus. Despite perceived differences, churches must recognize we are all on the same team and the success of others is success for all of us because it’s success for the kingdom of God!



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