The post easter service can be a let-down sometimes but that certainly was not the case Sunday at CP! We had a great crowd with several returning faces from Easter and yet again, more new faces!

Every Sunday at CP is a special event! We will likely never be a church that regularly puts on huge productions, dramas or concerts. Some churches are geared that way but we are not. I believe when we do church effectively, and put our best foot forward every week,  it can be the best outreach “event” we have!

When we come expecting God can do big things! From the second the doors opened on Sunday you could just sense the feeling of expectancy. People weren’t just coming for good music, a cool video and a creative sermon, they were coming for life change & God never disappoints when we come with an attitude of humility & anticipation.

When people feel valued they will connect. We started implementing a new follow-up format for visitors 2-weeks ago & we’re already seeing huge results! The follow-up is based on connecting people through meaningful conversations & relationships. If we say we value people & relationships we have to find ways to show them we mean it & when we do, connection & growth will happen.

They were looking for us! Early in the cycle of most church plants it is rare that many people come looking for you & Centerpoint has been no exception. It has happened, but most of our crowd has been grown organically through personal invites and existing relationships. Sunday we had a couple who had found us online, listened to the Podcasts & came to check us out. Might seem small but I have to tell you that it felt good to know someone was searching & seemingly found what they were looking for at CP.

This series has been one of my favorites. With No Perfect People Allowed, we have been examining the life of the disciples from the Last Supper to Jesus resurrection & discussed the idea that maybe they weren’t as perfect as many of us have come to believe. It has been a series of honest thought and challenged us all to take off the mask, recognize our imperfections and allowing God to flood us with his hope & grace!



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