The Key to Success…

…is failure. The older I get I realize that failure truly is the key to success. I truly don’t believe overnight success stories exist. Sure we’ve seen products, businesses & churches appear to become successful overnight but the headlines we see fail to convey the blood, sweat and tears that helped create that ultimate success.

Abraham Lincoln lost 8 elections before he became one of the greatest Presidents in history. Michael Jordan got cut in HS before he made millions in the NBA. The Beatles got rejected by labels before they sold out arenas around the world. Walt Disney got fired from a newspaper for his lack of creativity before he had the idea for a theme park & company that would take over the entertainment industry.

Failure is an inevitable part of life but it’s how we respond to the failure that will make or break us. We can wallow in self-pity or we can pick ourselves up, examine what we did wrong, and strive to make tomorrow a better day. We don’t like to fail but failure helps build knowledge, and knowledge helps build character, and character can help us succeed.



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