Easter Sunday was amazing at Centerpoint! We kicked off a new series, had a record crowd of new faces & saw major life change happen!

It’s all about the team! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, without a team of people, a vision remains a dream but with people it can become a movement. The reason Sunday went so great was because of a team of people that get the vision and have joined something much bigger than all of us! So thankful for every one of them!

Personal invites are a churches best friend. We can do all the marketing campaigns we want to do but there’s nothing better at filling the seats than personal invites from people who believe in what you’re doing and have experienced genuine change in their own life! Sunday was a great example of this at Centerpoint. Nearly every visitor there came from a personal invite.

I love the after church party! Smiling faces, friendly conversations with visitors soon to become regulars & a lobby full of kids begging their parents to come back next week & do it all over again. The after church experience can tell you a lot about your church and your people. CP’s after church is feeling more like a party these days & I love it!

We should always celebrate the small things. In many churches we often clap at the end of a song, it’s slightly weird to an outsider and few insiders seem to know why we do it. As we prepped for Easter with our team I encouraged them to start seeing this as a way to celebrate the fact that people all around them are connecting to God through song. If the angels celebrate this, then so should we & we should remember what & why we are celebrating.

We have more momentum than ever! In our short history as a church, I believe we have more momentum right now than we ever have! God is doing some awesome stuff right now and we have a group of people committed and focused on seeing a vision come to pass! I’m so excited about where we’re headed and I don’t think we have even come close to scratching the surface!



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