We closed out the Unstoppable Series yesterday with Centerpoint’s first round of Ask The Pastor.  People submitted questions the week before, which were then compiled by our leadership team, & given to me for the first time on stage Sunday morning.

People respect authenticity. We have trained ourselves to believe that pastors are perfect, get God’s attention better than others, and know all the answers to everything. In reality, no one truly believes that anyone knows it all. We talk a lot about authenticity at Centerpoint & yesterday was one way we chose to reinforce that idea.

We talk a lot about offering more than a babysitting service at CP – here’s why. On Saturday, a group of CPers went to the neighborhoods surrounding the theater to pass out invites for Easter. After leaving, one of the girls who attends Kidspoint told her aunt that she wanted to take the left over cards, go door-to-door and invite all her friends and neighbors to Centerpoint. That’s easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard & it doesn’t happen if you don’t value your kids.

We will do Q&A again. Several people asked me yesterday if we would ever do this type of Ask The Pastor thing again and the short answer is yes.  It will look a little different next time, and be a little more interactive for the audience, but we will give this thing another shot in May during a series called Q. I’m already pretty jacked about it!

Your team isn’t as cool as our team 🙂 I absolutely love our Leadership Team at Centerpoint! They let me call them idiots last week, they fielded some awesome questions for me this week, and they stick by Kristyn, myself and the vision of Centerpoint no matter what! I’m incredibly blessed to have all of them in my life!

Next week is going to be awesome! We do our best to knock it out of the park every week at Centerpoint but I truly believe that Easter Sunday is going to be a special time at CP! I’m sure every church feels this way but I believe we are getting ready to turn a corner and never look back! I can’t wait for Sunday!



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