My True Thoughts on Healthcare.

Many of you who know me, and follow this blog, are aware that I rarely talk about political issues in a public way. Personally, I never vote or view things along party lines. I look at the issue, I examine the person and I connect both to my faith and then I make my decision accordingly.

Yesterday, I was approached by a member of The Chillicothe Gazette, our local newspaper. They said they were trying to gauge the local response to the passage of the healthcare bill and asked for my thoughts. At first, I shunned the idea simply because, I rarely talk about political issues in a public way. I also expressed my neutrality on the issue and they felt that neutrality would be a fresh perspective so I reluctantly agreed. This is what my portion of the article ended up looking like:

In Chillicothe, Chris VanBuskirk has some reservations but was in favor of the bill. “I’m not exactly sure how this will play out, but I’m willing to give it a shot,” he said. VanBuskirk, lead pastor of Centerpoint Church, said he knows people who are suffering from not having insurance, but the jury is still out on whether the bill actually will work.

Like every paper the Gazette edits the quotes of everyone they talk to. That’s their job and I harbor no ill will towards them for that but I do think I need to clarify a few things that were missed with the article. First, I feel it’s important for me to note that I didn’t say I was in favor of the bill. Secondly, before the portion of my statement they decided to use I talked about my faith and my belief as a follower of Christ that compels me to care for and think about the least of these. For that reason alone, I said that I felt pursuing affordable health care for all was a worthwhile goal but that I was unsure on whether or not this bill would truly accomplish that goal in the best way possible.

Here are my true thoughts, there are some major things in this bill I have serious concerns about but I also believe more people will now have healthcare coverage because of it. God is my source of hope, not the government and not the passage or failure of a bill. I’m a glass half full kind of guy and therefore, I will chose, instead of getting depressed and discouraged as I see so many in Christian circles doing, to see the positive instead of the negative. I can’t change the passage of this bill so with that in mind I’m wiling to “give it a shot” and see what happens.


Update: The Gazette has stepped-up in a major way after hearing my concerns about the article. Integrity and accuracy is what they strive for so they are issuing a few corrections on their end. This proves their credibility and professionalism as an organization and & I am thankful for their willingness to make this right. Read the comments to see a note from the Gazette’s editor & my friend, Mike Throne.


2 thoughts on “My True Thoughts on Healthcare.

  1. MIke Throne says:

    I personally edited the story last night and feel badly that I didn’t exactly get the neutrality of Chris’ viewpoint in the paper. We’ve edited the online version and will publish a clarification in print tomorrow.

    For what it’s worth, he and I talked this out today and I know he’s truly on the fence about this issue.

  2. Thank you for your comment Mike & for your willingness to work this out. Much love brother!

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