Yesterday was one of my favorites Sundays ever at Centerpoint! Our topic: Unstoppable: IDIOTS. Here’s the recap to give you a glimpse:

God wants to use idiots. When we give our entire life to Jesus &  tell others about it, God will use us but, to those on the outside, we can tend to look like idiots. God loves to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things & no matter what people say they can’t argue the results when God shows up & life change happens!

The church should be a relevant place for people near & far from God. I truly believe this statement with all of my heart & it totally shapes the way we do things at CP. Every week, those near should leave challenged & those far should leave with hope.

I love meeting in a movie theater! We had some people show up to catch what they thought was an early matinee not realizing the cars were in the parking lot for church. One of our greeters talked with them & convinced them to stay  & based on the feedback, I’m pretty sure they’ll be back at some point. I’m guessing people don’t show up to church on accident in most other venues.

I’m glad our team has a good sense of humor. Keeping with the idiot theme I assured our church that they were “safely in the hands of a team full of idiots.” Our team has given everything they have to God & everything they have to the vision God has called us to fulfill at Centerpoint.  They’ve gone all in & abandonment in our culture, can tend to look like idiocy to many. I’m glad our team doesn’t seem to care what others might think.

I want CP to be like a crash of rhinos. A crash is the technical name for a group of rhinos. Why? Think about it; if a group of rhinos get on the same page & start moving towards the same thing, you either step out of the way, join the group, or get crashed into. Likewise with church, if we get on the same page & move towards the same vision, we can become nearly unstoppable just like a crash of rhinos.



One thought on “RECAP

  1. Kristyn says:

    So sad that I had to miss this week! It sounds amazing and I LOVE the “crash of rhinos” analogy! That’s perfect!

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