Who’s Fault Is It?

I recently read a stat that said only 31% of American churchgoers will invite someone disconnected from the church to attend with them on Easter. This number is shockingly low & yet not that surprising to me. The question is who’s fault is it – the church or her people?

It would be tempting for pastors and churches to  point the proverbial finger at their people claiming they are ashamed of their faith and un-willing to “evangelize”. I agree that our people are likely ashamed of something but I’m afraid it is not usually their faith but rather the environment we create every weekend at our various places of worship.

Most of what many of us do every weekend at our church has been created by insiders for insiders. The church was called to reach out and yet many of us seem to pursue the opposite every weekend by creating an environment that is incredibly intimidating for an outsider. I believe it is this uncomfortable environment that keeps many of our people from inviting their un-churched friends and family members.

Jesus knew how to drop the religion and connect with the outsider & that is why, in the words of Craig Groeschel, we must learn to do anything short of sin to point people towards Jesus. That scares some of us but read the Bible, it’s exactly what Jesus did.

What do you think? How can the church help outsiders uncross their arms?



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