Unstoppable: PARTNERS. That was our topic. Here are some thoughts.

Vision is always a relevant topic. No matter how much I think I talk about it, I realized Sunday that people can’t hear about vision enough! It can always be a fresh subject because an active vision always sees new progress. If we want people to go along for the ride, we need to show them the roadmap first.

It was good to have our whole band back. We had a few people out the last couple of weeks but it was business as usual this week and you could feel the bass pumping as soon as you came through the door! We are blessed to have such incredible musicians on the stage week after week leading us into the presence of God.

You can’t see big results if you don’t set big goals. At Christmas we set a big goal of raising $2,000 in 5-weeks to buy a farm through World Vision for a third-world community. In the end, we raised $4,000 & bought 2! Sunday, we challenged our people to bring at least 2 friends with them on Easter. If that happens, we’ll have a full house. I think they’re up to the challenge.

Memories should help us grow. During this series, I’ve been able to share quite a few stories that date back to our first few months as a church. It’s crazy to think of how far we’ve come in such a short time and I’ve realized that memories, positive or negative, should help us grow if we let them.

Talk is cheap. A vision series carries a great deal of weight because in reality, it’s all talk until you back it up with action. My prayer is to always be a pastor, and a church, of action.


One thought on “RECAP

  1. Kristyn says:

    Great RECAP! Makes me super excited for April 4th and all the great things that are going to happen this year!

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