Here are some thoughts on a great service that kicked off a great series called Unstoppable

You can’t talk about vision enough. I don’t know how many times I’ve shared the vision of Centerpoint & every time it reignites our communities focus & purpose. People can’t get to the destination if they don’t know where they’re headed.

I love social media. Our peeps have really been tweeting & facebooking it up the last few weeks during the service & I love it! It shows me how connected & engaged they truly are and it gives the world a glimpse at what’s happening at Centerpoint.

It’s awesome when your kids love church too. So many of our kids can’t wait to go to Kidspoint every week and my daughters one of them. The past couple of weeks she’s started cheering when we pull in the parking lot & she doesn’t want to leave. That’s awesome because it’s exactly what our teams prays & works for.

Always push towards excellence. It’s impossible to be perfect but I believe it stands out when a church pursues excellence in what they do. It starts from the top down & can create an infectious culture where excellence is the norm.

People need to know they can join the dream. I hear many pastors and many churches talk about how they wish their people served more. I believe we often assume those who want to serve will simply find a place to do so but we fail to realize that we must let them know we have a place and help them find their role.


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