Why Do We…


  • Why do we…use Christianese lingo no one really understands? Jesus was not as eloquent with His words as many of the Pharisees but He was real. People  are drawn to real.
  • Why do we…feel guilty when we engage culture? Jesus was immersed in His culture & seemed to do almost anything short of sin to engage it. We should do the same & make no apologies.
  • Why do we…take it so personal when someone disagrees with our theology? God is perfect, but we aren’t. We should leave room for human error & agree to disagree on the non-essentials.
  • Why do we…pray about things we know we should be doing? We don’t need a prayer meeting to decide if we should help feed the homeless and care for the orphan and widow.
  • Why do we…talk more about what other believers are doing wrong instead of focusing more intensely on what God has called us to do? We can’t control the actions of others just ourselves.
  • Why do we…fail to admit that we don’t know all the answers? No one believes we have it all figured out but many of us seem to insist that we do. Find peace with the doubt and let faith take over when uncertainty sets in.
  • Why do we…still live a double life? It’s one of the most cliche things but many of us still act one way at church on Sunday and another way Monday-Saturday. Be authentic with yourself & with others! Authenticity = Growth.
  • Why do we…have a hard time getting involved with people who don’t believe like us? We would be wise to follow Paul’s example in 1 Corinthinas 9:19-23 &  learn to connect with those outside our faith.
  • Why do we…care more about “getting fed” than we do about rolling up our sleeves & serving? The heart of Jesus message is servant evangelism. We must escape from the American Way & get back to the way of Jesus.
  • Why do we…make it so hard for people to connect with God? We often make things super spiritual, in-turn making things super weird for outsiders. We should focus most on what matters most and leave the rest for later.

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