The Winding Road Of Life

In June of 2008 Kristyn & I graduated from college & moved to Chillicothe, OH, with our then 3-month baby girl, to plant a church. During the time since that move I have certainly learned a great deal about planting a church but I have also learned a great deal about the winding road of life and the patience it requires.

For better or worse, things rarely go as planned in the church planting world and the same is true with life. I think it’s important to remember that this isn’t always a bad thing. Kristyn & I will have been married 5-years this August & back when we started our journey together, we had it all figured out. Funny, but those plans didn’t involve 2 kids, a move to Chillicothe or a church plant. All of these things, although unplanned, have been an incredible blessing & along the winding road of life, I have slowly learned to increase my patience.

The winding road of life often takes us in different directions but for those of us who claim to be followers of Christ, we should see this, not as a setback or disappointment, but as part of our unique journey. A true journey has twists and turns, valleys and peaks, and a true journey requires our patience, it beckons us to stay the course so that we don’t miss the adventure along the way. That adventure is often filled with hard struggles, questions we can’t answer and yes, even unexpected blessings.

Wherever you find yourself in life I encourage you to start seeing it as a journey, a journey that requires your patience & a journey that will help you to grow if you let it.



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