Another great week at CP that elicited some heartfelt feedback following the teaching.

Forgiveness is a hard, but necessary part of life: Numerous people in the auditorium welled up with tears as we talked about the power of forgiveness (the real f-word) at the end of the message. We must forgive so that we can grow.

Our band rocks: I don’t know if our people realize how great of a band we have! Week after week they lead all of us in worship in such a genuine and authentic way. It’s relevant. it’s engaging. It’s passionate. We’ve got a great leader & a great team!

I love my family: As is the case with most churches doing things in a different way, we’ve faced our fair share of flack from those in our city. Our family has stood faithfully by us the whole time supporting what we’re doing and at the end of the day, God & family is what truly matters anyway.

God’s love & grace are so far beyond anything we can comprehend: This series has reminded me, and I hope all who have been in attendance, of the depths of His unconditional love & His grace that never has strings attached. As someone reminded me after the service today God offers all of us the “even if” kind of love.

God always knows what’s going on: Had a situation today that reminded me that God so often puts people in the right places, at the right times & for all the right reasons. He is sovereign & I am His humble servant. May I always go wherever He leads.


One thought on “RECAP

  1. I love your band, too! And your messages are always relevant. Truly, may you always go where he leads (and go with joy and humility!).

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