Murderer of Love…that was our topic in week #2 of our What’s Love Got To Do With It series. Trust me, it was a lot more light hearted than it sounded. Here are some of my thoughts.

  • What happens after the service is what really matters. Without life application during the week, church is nothing more than a pep rally. Heard an amazing story last night of a CP couple who left a generous tip at a local restaurant and, to make a long story short, it blew the waiter away so much that he asked if they were “church goers” They told him about CP and our belief that little things, done with great love can change the world. The waiter told them he would see them Sunday. Wow! 
  • Relationships are hard to talk about. This is an area we have majorly messed-up in our culture and that makes teaching on it a needed but challenging task. You never want anyone to think you’re perfect but you do want people to see light at the end of the tunnel. I think most people left yesterday having seen some light.
  • New ideas usually take time to perfect…have a team that can roll with it. We had a great idea that didn’t exactly go off as planned. It involved the band and they handled the mess-up so well that I’m not even sure people truly realized something went wrong. A good team can make mistakes seem almost natural.
  • Visitors always seem so surprised when they leave. Spoke with someone yesterday after the service who told me they’d never seen a church like this before. They meant it in a good way & for me, it means we continue to succeed at changing the perception of what the church looks like in Chillicothe, OH.
  • Churches should pay attention to the little stuff. Our cafe coordinator decided to surprise everyone by putting out some cupcakes this week to go with the coffee & people loved it! Her extra effort, and a little addition, made a solid impact. Don’t ever underestimate the power of the small stuff!

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