What Would Jesus Tweet?

We live in a culture obsessed with status updates & tweets. We connect with current friends and re-connect with old ones. We tell people anything & everything about our life, even the stuff most of us don’t really want to know (I had a friend tell the world about his bathroom issues last week). Some consider this incredibly narcissistic and I can’t dispute that. We all have something to say and we all want someone to hear it. Mediums like Facebook & Twitter have given us a tangible way to do that.

So what does this have to do with Jesus?

I frequently find myself thinking of odd scenarios that are essentially impossible to answer but for me, still fun to think about. My latest odd scenario: would Jesus use Twitter, or Facebook, if He walked the earth today & if so how would He use it? For me, the answer to the first part (would Jesus use Twitter, or Facebook) is yes. I believe Jesus engaged His culture when He was on earth & I believe He would do the same today. Everything has a good and bad side but the good in both of these mediums is that they allow us to connect with one another. Jesus loved connecting to people so I think he’d be all in. The harder part of this odd scenario comes in the second part of the question (how would He use it?).

Last week I observed a group of people who went back & forth on an issue via Facebook. What started out as a friendly banter, turned into a disagreement, which escalated into an argument & before you knew it, insults where being thrown in the face of participants. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen this type of situation happen & if I’m honest, I’ve probably found myself in similar situations before. I’m not exactly sure how Jesus would use social networking but I’m pretty sure I know He wouldn’t use it to express hate & anger towards others. He might lash out at a Pharisee every now & then but I think we could cut Him some slack there 🙂 We must learn that our words, whether in cyberspace or in real-life, are powerful. Jesus was transparent in all phases of His life & if He was tweeting it up with the rest of us today I think He would use His words to encourage not destroy.

What do you think Jesus would tweet?



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