We kicked off a new series on Sunday & it couldn’t have gone much better! It was one of those things that looked great on paper and turned out even better when it actually went down. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • You can’t talk too much about LOVE. Broken people hear all the time how messed-up they are but they rarely have people telling them how much their loved. Talking about love might be the glimmer of hope they need to turn the corner and Jesus proved this was true in His life time and time again. I’ll follow His lead on this one.
  • Pastors can & should learn from their own teachings. Week after week, I find myself challenged to process my faith & life in a new way. I believe many people think Pastors just teach but I think it’s important to point out that many pastors, including myself, also learn from what they teach. I pray this never changes in my life.
  • People are the best PR for any church. Week after week I see our people tweeting & Facebooking about their Centerpoint experience  & today I realized how valuable that is. We had a Newcomers event after the service where over half the people calimed to have  found out about Centerpoint by people talking about it through these two mediums. Wow!
  • Life change IS measurable. Life change is watching someone come as they are and leave as they aren’t. It doesn’t usually happen in one week but over time you simply notice that the person has changed their outlook and response to life & faith. They move from passive attenders to active participants & words become deeds. I experienced such a strong example of this yesterday & it’s stuff like this that truly keeps me going!
  • An amazing wife makes church planting so much easier! My wife is incredible! We both received the call to plant this church & she has stood along side me every step of the way! We’ve had ups & downs, I’m sure this will continue, but I wouldn’t want to do this thing with anyone else by my side! This journey has only confirmed that we are true soul mates, put together by God for such a time as this.

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