Favorite Super Bowl Ads

I’m a football fan so I love the Super Bowl but I also enjoy all the great commercials between the game. In the spirit of the game, I’ve posted  5 of my favorites from the last few years for your enjoyment. No need to watch them all unless you want but if you want a good laugh, watch at least one.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Super Bowl Ads

  1. Denise Dilley says:

    The e*trade baby commercials are always my favorite!

  2. Guy Walker says:


    Is there Church Plantablity?

  3. What a great idea Guy! You should pass that idea on to the guys doing all the creative stuff for All Access 🙂

  4. Mom says:

    The first one was – well, dumb but the others were funny. I’m like Denise because I love all those baby e-trade ones but the Bud Lite and Fed Ex ones did make me laugh!

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