Why I Watch LOST

Like millions of people I’m incredibly excited for the final season of LOST but I must admit, I was late to the party. When I saw the previews for season 1 I questioned the longevity of a show about people stranded on an island. I didn’t want to add another show to my watch list, but I couldn’t ignore everyone around me who talked about how great this show was. Kristyn & I finally started watching at the end of season 3 & we’ve been hooked ever since!

The writing is tremendous, the acting is amazing and the production quality equals that of any big-screen masterpiece but these are not the real reasons I watch LOST.

I watch LOST because it explores the questions in life we all face. I watch LOST because it reminds me that there is more that unites than divides us. I watch LOST because it conveys our profound desire to be loved & needed. I watch LOST because it deals with the struggle between right & wrong, destiny & choice. I watch LOST because I find pieces of myself in the story.

I look at this show as much more than good television. I  look at this show as a lens through which we can see our own lives reflected. As we watch, may we fully embrace the mystery and find pieces of ourselves in the story.



One thought on “Why I Watch LOST

  1. Curt says:

    Here Here! Well said.

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