Another month, another series & the momentum keeps right on moving!

  • You can’t have enough team players on your team. We had a situation yesterday that could have gotten out of hand but it didn’t because we have people on our team who see the big picture. Week after week we they put aside personal preferences for the greater good because they get it & they get that it isn’t always about them.
  • True diversity can only happen by focusing on what matters. We have democrats and republicans, black and white & we have some who are poor and some who are rich. This month it has really hit me how diverse we are as a church. I believe this can only happen at church when we make the main thing the main thing and stop focusing on the rest. May we never forget this &, to borrow from our vision statement, may we always be a diverse community of passionate Jesus followers!
  • The tide is turning. Talked to a person yesterday who has been visiting us for several weeks now. They said when they first came to CP their perceptions of church weren’t that great but after watching, listening & connecting their perceptions have changed. This is what we pray for every single week!
  • Our people love helping people. We fed over 70 people last week at a soup kitchen we have joined in Chillicothe. Not only did our people help but there was genuine excitement throughout the building on Sunday when I announced the stats. Time after time I see our people stepping up with their time, money and attitude to show they truly care! I love this about our people!
  • It has little to do with me. I had a friend who was speaking at his church this weekend filling in for his pastor. I reminded him of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 2:4 that it’s not about us but about God’s spirit in us that causes people to change. It’s freeing to remember I’m not alone & neither are you!   

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