Conan, Leno & the Way of Jesus.

This clip was from 2004 when Jay Leno told the world that he would be handing over the reigns of The Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien & wanted to do so in the most honorable, respectable way possible. Nearly 6-years later, I think we all know how that story ended which brings me to explain why this clip is on my blog & how this saga can be contrasted with the way of Jesus.

We now live in a culture where a persons word means little to nothing. Promises are made and then broken by entertainers, athletes, employers, spouses, politicians and yes, even pastors. I would even say that today, many of us have been forced to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. At the heart of this issue is a ME-mentality. We think little of others and much of ourselves. The way of Jesus is exactly the opposite. His way is that of servanthood, love, respect and truth. The Tonight Show debacle should remind us all that as a culture, we are far from the way of Jesus & to live His way means going against the grain.

Will you go against the grain?


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