Blast the Past

This Sunday at Centerpoint we will reflect on our Top 5 moments of 2009. There is no doubt we have come a long way as a church in the past year. We have grown numerically, financially, & relationally. People have experienced true life change as a result of what God is choosing to do through this church & yet as I spent time looking back, I couldn’t help but think that sometimes, reflecting on the past, even when it’s good, can hold us back from moving forward in the future.

Before I lose you just think about this…

If our past year was riddled with mistakes and failures then of course we want to blast the past and forget it ever happened. We hear people give this advice all the time but what about a past year that was riddled with success? Rarely will someone tell you to blast that! When we make mistakes, we look for alternative solutions and seek better ways of doing things. However when we succeed, we can often find ourselves slipping into complacency. We stop pushing & striving for excellence and as a result minimize how far we can go becoming content with the status quo. In fact I would say it possible that sometimes, success can be our greatest failure.

Am I suggesting that we stop reflecting on our past whether good or bad? No. I’m simply saying that we must see the past as something we can build on instead of something we can live in. As 2010 approaches, whether you’ve had a good year or a bad one, blast the past so it doesn’t become a permanent space you find yourself living in.


P.S. Happy New Year!


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