Living is for Giving.

This Christmas, more than ever, I believe I truly experienced the joy of giving! Kristyn & I made a commitment this year to spend less on ourselves so we could give more to others. With the gifts we did buy, we committed to making socially conscience purchases whenever we could thus giving back & doing more good through our purchases. Do I say this to boast? Absolutely not. we aren’t perfect & we still got way too much stuff. I am writing this post because I want you to know  that I now realize the true joy of giving & want you to experience it as well.

I focused less on myself and more on others this year. I cared more for the least of these & my perspective has been forever changed! As we enter the new year I am challenging myself to continue these practices year round & I would ask you to consider doing the same. We can pray for the world all we want but it’s often what we do for the world that brings change. As a follower of Jesus I want a life where I’m living to give. To give of my love, my time, my presence and yes, even of my money & stuff. If we are living for giving I believe the world can change!



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