It was our last service of 2009 as we closed out Advent Conspiracy and I feel like we went out with a bang! Here are some highlights:

A genuine smile can help change a perception. Week after week I see new people come in guarded and reserved. They’re giving church a chance again but they’ve heard the rumors and have stories of their own to tell. It’s amazing how much a smile helps them uncross their arms & connect to Jesus.

People won’t miss the little things but they’ll notice when you have them. Yesterday we offered homemade cookies at our cafe table. It was a little thing that got a lot of big compliments and helped people enter the auditorium with a smile on their face. Thanks to my lovely wife for making them.

Corporate worship takes many forms and that’s okay. Everyone is different and therefore everyone should not worship in the same way. We strive for diversity in all that we do at CP and I think we’re getting there with worship.

Loving the least of these doesn’t just apply to people we will never know/see. The least of these is anyone who is marginalized in society. The alcoholic, the foreigner, the porn addict, our gay brothers and sisters; they  were all made in the image of God and deserve our love and acceptance. God sent his son to LOVE ALL & that’s the true meaning of Christmas.

Crazy Love has moved from a series we did in Sept. to a lifestyle we live in Dec. The last few weeks I have seen our team show crazy love to one another and to the people in our community and I am inspired & challenged to do the same! If we become known as the crazy love church I’m totally cool with that.



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