Here’s a few quick thoughts from our service yesterday. It was week #3 of our Advent Conspiracy series.

  • People want to be a part of something significant so give them the option. Watching people help us raise money for the farm(s) we’re buying from WV has been incredible! People have gone crazy with their giving and even inspired people who don’t attend CP to do the same! It’s been awesome to watch God do His thing! We now need just under $1,000 to buy a second farm.
  • 1 committed team member is worth 5 semi-committed ones. We are blessed with a lot of committed team members but Kidspoint might have the edge. The people serving there do so without question and if something needs done they do it without complaining. They never expect recognition but they deserve it!
  • Advent Conspiracy hasn’t been as hard for people to get as I thought. It’s become increasingly obvious to me during this series that people know there’s more to celebrating Christmas than the way most of us always have. AC has given people a fresh perspective & many are choosing to truly adopt it’s core principles.
  • Our band is always top-notch no matter what happens! Technical problems, missing members, bad lighting the list could go on. No matter what happens, these guys bring it week after week and do an incredible job. Best of all, they always keep their cool so no one in the crowd has a clue of the craziness behind the scenes.
  • People aren’t used to laughing in church. Whether it be in the form of a video or something I say/do on stage we like to make people laugh. It’s always fun to watch visitors because it takes them a while to loosen up enough to laugh. Many have laughed a lot AT the church but they have rarely laughed IN a church. We’ll keep working hard at CP to reverse that trend 🙂



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