This past Sunday at Centerpoint was pretty incredible and I needed a few paragraphs, instead of bullet points, to summarize it. Leading up to our Advent Conspiracy series, our Leadership Team had the idea to raise $2,000 in 4-weeks which would be used to buy a third world community a farm through World Vision. For a new church of 50 people that’s a lot of extra cash to come up with but we knew we were supposed to aim high.

We put this challenge out to our people on Nov. 29th & by that Tuesday I received a phone call from someone in our church telling me they were writing a check for $2,000 and buying the farm with one condition attached. That condition: that we keep raising money in hopes of purchasing a second farm. WOW! I stood-up Sunday, made the announcement, people were excited, inspired and motivated to do more. The following day I found out that we are already a third of the way towards buying a second farm.

This is what Advent Conspiracy is all about. This is truly meaningful gift giving. This is the authentic story of Christmas in action! I hope this inspires you to help make a difference in some way, by showing the love of Christ to those in need!



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