Meaningful Gift Giving

At Centerpoint we are currently engaged in a series called Advent Conspiracy. The series, taken from a book and movement of the same name, has four central components: Worship Fully. Spend Less. Give More. Love All. There are many things we are encouraging those in our community  to do in order to participate more fully in the true meaning of Christmas and one of those things is the purchasing of more socially responsible gifts. By doing this, we can channel our American consumerism to help those in need by purchasing products that help do good in the world around us. Here are some of the organizations we are supporting:

World Vision Gift Catalogue: You can make a lasting impact on a community buy purchasing everything from farm animals, to school books to garden seeds. An incredible opportunity to give a truly meaningful gift!

TOMS Shoes: For every pair you buy, TOMS makes and gives a brand new pair to someone in need. They also have shirts, hoodies, hats and gift cards.

Pura Vida: High quality, Fair Trade, Organic coffee. Pura Vida takes the profits from coffee they sell to drill wells, build schools, & plant churches around the world.

Light Gives Heat: Through the sale of fashionable apparel items, LGH is able to provide education, infrastructure and funding to the people of Africa who want to escape the prison of poverty and make a better way for themselves, their families and villages.

SUBBI(hope): SUBBI creates weekly incomes for women in Uganda through the creation and sale of handmade necklaces and jewelry. The necklaces are incredibly trendy and made from recycled paper making them environmentally and socially responsible.

EPOH: Also under the heading of Light Gives Heat, EPOH provides a respectable living for families in Uganda through the selling of handmade purses and bags. All bags are created by people living in the villages and then payed paying fairly for their work.

To Write Love on Her Arms: TWLOHA exists to help individuals around the world struggling with depression, addiction and self-abuse and thoughts of suicide. They feature a variety of apparel products for men and women and the profits are used to fund the company and show people who seem hopeless that they can find peace and acceptance.

ONE: The profits from ONE apparel items go to help aide the fight against global poverty. The simple purchase of a wrist band can help change the world!


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