We kicked off a new series called Advent Conspiracy this past Sunday and I’m loving it already! Our community will be challenged like never before during this series and if people step up like I think they will, we will impact the lives of those who are truly in need this Christmas season!

1) Never start a new series on Thanksgiving weekend 🙂 It’s one of the busiest travel days of the year and the people at CP were no exception to this rule. Live and learn.

2) The band rocked a great chorus of “Come Let us Adore Him”. They used this to transition between two songs and you needed to be there to fully appreciate it. So simple but so moving.

3) We have a group full of life changers! I have never been part of a community where people are so willing and ready to help others in need. Our people, love people and it showed in a big way this past weekend.

4) If you set realistic goals, faith isn’t required &  you limit God’s ability to do the extraordinary. We set a crazy goal of raising $2,000 in 4-weeks to buy a farm for a community through the World Vision Gift Catalogue. For a church of around 50 people thats a big goal but God has already done something crazy!

5) People who have experienced true life change want others to experience the same. All the marketing campaigns in the world can’t replace true life change. Nearly everyone who attends CP are constantly inviting their friends and family to attend and that says a lot about what God is doing!

6) The gospel is often uncomfortable & we need to remember that. We want to feel good at church but we often don’t want to be challenged. The way of the radical, Jewish Rabbi we claim to follow was rarely comfortable & yet more of us seek the American way than we seek the cross. Jesus came to save us from the American dream. Uncomfortable but true.


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