We normally do everything in a series format but this week was  a little different as we took 1-week to discuss the theme of corporate worship. Great service! Here are some of my thoughts:

More people are coming and staying because of Kidspoint. We say kids matter at CP and we back it up with our budget, actions and effort. I don’t think there’s been a week since being in the new building that someone hasn’t visited or come back because of Kidspoint. Our Kidspoint crew is amazing!

Best worship yet! Probably had a lot to do with the teaching but worship was engaging, real and relatable! You could just feel people connecting with Jesus asking what they could do instead of what they could get.

It’s great to see people get excited about what God’s doing at CP! I had someone send me a message Sunday night and tell me that CP is the first church they have ever wanted to invite their un-believing friends to & that means a ton to me because, after all, that’s who we’re here for!

Serving without question is what our people do. I know I say this all the time but the people that serve on our Dream Team are out of this world! They are committed to the vision and always seem to see the big picture. I am so blessed to have each one of them on the team!

It’s good to keep people guessing but routine isn’t bad either. We used to do things different just for the sake of it even when it didn’t make sense. We now realize that un-programming and reprogramming things without a good reason just keep people on edge. This week there was a good reason behind some reprogramming and it worked pretty well. Context is everything!


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