One of my favorite series in the brief history of Centerpoint came to an end yesterday & it was an incredible morning! I had a lot of thoughts that weren’t directly connected to the service but were more big picture focused. Hope you still enjoy.

  • I was feeling the crowd! Sometimes you just know people are feeling it before you even hit the stage & yesterday was one of those mornings.
  • Returning faces. Nearly half of the 14 first time guests from last week were back this week & that’s way above average for most churches! I never get tired of meeting new people and hearing their stories.
  • Good leaders know how to hit a curveball. This was especially clear to me yesterday as I watched several people on our team overcome some unexpected and potentially distracting obstacles.
  • Being content is okay. Church planting is full of highs and lows but I’ve learned to find comfort with what God is having us do right now. We haven’t arrived yet but to be honest, I hope we never do.
  • I love my wife! She is such an incredible servant and I don’t think she realizes how many people she impacts simply by her commitment to this vision. We ask people to serve without question and that’s exactly what she does!
  • They say everyone needs a right hand man in ministry. I have come to learn the truth in the statement and I am so blessed to already have that person in my life.
  • Our church loves people. I have been in many churches were people cringe at the thought of opening their doors to outsiders but that’s not the case at CP. During this series I realized that we are a church full of accepting people who are ready to serve.
  • Worship is better with the lights off. This isn’t always true for everyone but it is for us. For whatever reason, it creates a sense of freedom that can’t be found with the lights on.
  • Truly connecting people to God can only happen through relationships. If I had to summarize the series we just finished about church this would be it. Being God’s church means loving people, keeping our focus on the vision and removing the manmade burdens that keep people away.
  • We have momentum! As we draw towards the end of 2009 I believe we have and will continue to build momentum as we move into 2010. We’ve got some exciting stuff on the way!



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