Big Sunday in the CP world! Read & see.

  • Lot’s of new faces! We had 14 first time guests with us yesterday and that’s a CP record!
  • We have one of the most faithful teams around! Our sound guy was pretty sick yesterday but he was still there to get things set-up and sound checked before heading home to get some rest. A church is only as good as its team and we have one great team!
  • The smile on a kids face tells a story. Many of our adult visitors seemed to really enjoy the service but the best thing in the world was seeing the smile on their kids faces as well. When the kids have fun mom & dad leave happy 🙂
  • Every teaching is an opportunity to point people to Jesus and cast vision for your church. Even when dealing with an unusual topic (ie. church buildings), people should still see a) who Jesus is and b) who you are as a church. If we don’t do that as pastors, we’re missing two huge opportunities.
  • Feedback will almost always tell you how much people connected. Yesterday we had great feedback, therefore, I am led to believe many in attendance truly connected.
  • I love shattering peoples perceptions of church! Several of our visitors seemed to come in with their guards up and why wouldn’t they! The differences was, when they left, that guard seemed to be lowered & that’s our goal every single week. We strive to help people uncross their arms and connect to Jesus.
  • It’s the people, not the steeple that make the church. Being a portable church truly allows us to live out this principle and while many people are searching for a permanent space, I’m thankful with what God has given to us.



One thought on “RECAP

  1. KEITH YATES says:

    Awesome recap dude. I’m glad I can keep up with CP even though I’m not a member. I’m glad to hear that you’re attracting new faces and I love reading about how you do your part to reshape the way people think about church and Christians!

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