New month. New series. New thoughts.

  • I love the book of Acts! That’s why we’re taking about it the next 3-weeks.
  • Rock n’ Roll worship describes us well. It may have been the bands best set yet & you could feel the energy in the room. Wow!
  • New faces never get old. The coolest thing about the venue/time change has been all the new faces. One of those faces Sunday was someone who’s been prayed for a long time by one of our peeps. Great to see them there!
  • I think we have the happiest teams anywhere! Smiles are always abundant and kinds word plentiful. It’s not a show either. Our people really love other love people.
  • We almost had a rave. Little technical glitch during the blurbs with some rave like music made everyone smile. I’ve learned that when stuff like that happens all you can really do is smile & laugh, then try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Love the response to our first set of small groups! We have nearly 20 people signed-up in two different groups for Donald Millers Open Table! I believe God is going to do some cool stuff in these groups!
  • Yet another happy parent. Every week, someone tells me how much their kid love coming to church and that’s a HUGE credit to an awesome set of workers who see the big picture and create such a great environment!
  • Words and Deeds. I’m a big talker when it comes to church unity but yesterday I turned my word into deed by praying for another local church before we started our service. This is something we will continue on a weekly basis.
  • We’re on the verge of something huge! I believe we are closer than ever to seeing filled seats and massive life-change! God have your way with this vision!
  • We always need to re-focus sometimes. That’s what this series is about. Looking at the original church in the book of Acts and examining what we can do to re-shift our priorities and be God’s church instead of our church.



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