I’ve been at two conferences over the last 3-weeks so it feels good to be back in the swing of things! We closed out our Dirty Little Secrets series this past Sunday and WOW! Get the scoop by reading the bullets below.

1) Healing comes with honesty. I believe the people who have truly healed during this series are the ones who have been honest; with themselves, with God and with others. It’s been incredible to see!

2) The Dream Team rolls on! Anytime an unplanned situation or conflict arises everyone on our Dream Team rolls on like a bunch of pros and I love it! Sunday, a band member didn’t show but a replacement was found and the show went on without a hitch!

3) I love meeting new people! We hosted our first Newcomers lunch on Sunday and got to share the CP story with a group of people who are new to Centerpoint. We had great interaction and everyone of them has a passion to get their un-churched friends in the seats!

4) The Danbarry Cinema staff rocks! They have gone above & beyond in so many ways & a lot of other church planters can’t say that about their venues. We’re at the right place.

5) You won’t truly be forgiven until you forgive. I had to let my own words sink in during this teaching.

6) Kristyn was in the service! She’s been faithfully filling a needed role in Kidspoint but Sunday, for the first time in the new building, she was able to worship with everyone else! What an incredible wife & an awesome servant God has blessed me with!

7) Our leaders rock! As I alluded to in the intro paragraph, its been a crazy few weeks & while I have missed the beat a little our leaders haven’t. I thank God every single day for the team He has given to us!

8) I’m already looking forward to the next series! The Church, its Steeple & all of its People. We’ll be studying the book of Acts & connecting the early church there with todays church here in an attempt to better understand what role the church does & should play in society.


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