We kicked off a new series at Centerpoint yesterday (Dirty Little Secrets) and had an incredible response! Here are some of my thoughts:

1) Church can’t always be warm and fuzzy. Jesus offered peace and love but He also dealt with the real-life issues people faced. It’s not always easy but we have to talk about the hard stuff. Yesterday we talked about self-image.

2) “We often have to hurt before we can heal.” I said this yesterday and had to let my own words sink-in. We often don’t heal because we bottle up our feelings. We think we’re avoiding the hurt but we’re not and it’s only dealing with the hurt we hide that will truly allow us to heal.

3) Church should be a place of authenticity and honesty. We challenged people yesterday to take off their mask and be real. Over half of the people in attendance responded by revealing that their Dirty Little Secret was a struggle with their own self-image. Because of their confession, they will no longer walk alone.

4) Our band and production guys are out of this world! They had some major technical issues yesterday but they stayed focused and rocked it out!

5) I love feedback! Between yesterday and today I have had some amazing conversation with those in our community about how God is using CP to work in their life. Life change! Life change! Life change!

6) When the rumors aren’t true people will eventually figure it out. I had somebody tell me they had heard all the “terrible things” CP was doing. Funny that the people they heard it from have never been to CP 🙂 Now that they’ve been, they’re pretty certain they’re there to stay and tell others, the rumors aren’t true.

7) Our Dream Team is incredible! I don’t know many pastors that can take a back-seat with the logistical aspects of being a portable church a month after launching. I am now one of the pastors that can! Our team is incredible and the quality of their work allows me to focus on other areas.

8)  This will be a series of healing. We’re dealing with a lot of hard issues over the next 3-weeks but I know God will continue to show up like He did yesterday and true healing will come. I can’t wait!


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