We closed out the Crazy Love series yesterday at Centerpoint & I have plenty of thoughts on what’s happened over the last 3-weeks. Consider this a post-launch recap. Enjoy.

1) This was the best series we’ve ever done! People gave, people sacrificed, people changed! This series elicited the biggest response we have ever had & I believe God used this series to show us the kind of church we need to be!

2) Love God, Love People & let God do the rest. We spend so much time focusing on the non-essentials & this series has reminded me personally that the rules are no different for pastors.

3) True life change always equals action. During this series we had new commitments and renewed passion from people who had fallen away from the church. In every single case, these individuals followed their words & thoughts with actions and deeds.

4) Centerpoint will always be outsider focused! Some people don’t think we’re churchy enough and that’s one of the biggest compliments I can hear! Jesus came for the sick not the healthy (Luke 5:31) and CP is a place for the healthy to love and serve so the sick can find restoration & healing.

5) Going the extra mile matters to visitors. I have found that it’s rarely noticed when you don’t go the extra mile but it’s often noticed when you do. Going the extra mile almost always leaves a positive impact!

6) When our leaders are gone, they are missed by the team. We’ve had two of our leaders out the last two weeks on vacation and it’s reminded me why church planting, just like sports, is a team effort.

7) All of the new faces at CP have been a treat. Plenty of newbies coming in and check things out over the past few weeks and thankfully some of them have even come back 🙂

8) We have a team of true servants! Those who serve on our Dream Team, get the vision and have gone above and beyond to see lives changed! It’s an honor to serve with all of them!



One thought on “RECAP

  1. Matt says:

    It’s always nice to get away but I must admit that we truly missed centerpoint; we thought about it every day, you guys, and the rest of the team and were eager to hear the reports.

    It’s inspiring to see ppl connect so quickly to this vision!

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