ARC & the Fastest Growing Churches of 2009

ARC-LOGO-COLOR1If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that Centerpoint recently partnered with a church planting organization known as the ARC. ARC (Association of Related Chures), provides a leadership, financial and spiritual support system for relevant, life-giving church plants.

We believe in everything ARC is doing and have already seen the benefits of partnering with ARC in our own community of faith. Every year, Outreach Magazine conducts a nationwide survey to determine what churches are the fastest growing, and largest in America.

There were 7 ARC churches on the fastest growing list & 5 ARC churches on the largest list. Considering ARC wasn’t founded until 2000 and didn’t plant their first church until 2001, this is a pretty impressive feat and speaks to ARC’s passion and knowledge of church planting.

We all know good churches aren’t only measured by size but rather by the life change that happens there and the discipleship that occurs following a new commitment. I can tell you first hand that ARC values the life change and discipleship more than they do the numbers and as result they have been incredibly blessed with some phenomenal results!

I have had the privilege of meeting several of the pastors on this list and look forward to meeting more of them in the future. So excited to be a part of such a pehnomenal organization! Just thought I would share.



One thought on “ARC & the Fastest Growing Churches of 2009

  1. Guy Walker says:

    Hey Christopher, Great post. thanks for pumping up ARC. Some amazing things have been happening.

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