It was another great weekend at Centerpoint! We have one more week to go in the Crazy Love series and it’s been nothing short of incredible so far! He are some thoughts from this past Sunday.

1) Loved sharing the Crazy Love stories! Last week we gave away $500 for people to go out & show Crazy Love to our community with the request that they submit their stories during the week. The stories poured in and I got to share several of them yesterday. It was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done!

2) God is challenging me more than ever. People keep telling me this series has been one of the deepest we’ve ever done at CP. I believe this is because it has been the most convicting for me personally. God is showing me things during my preparation I have never seen before & challenging me in new ways!

3) Kidspoint is changing lives too! One of our teachers was deeply touched yesterday as her kids remembered, and seemed truly impacted, by last weeks lesson. This is why we offer more than a babysitting service at CP. Kids matter!

4) People are excited about church again! As I talk to people coming in and going out they seem genuinely excited about being at CP. By listening to many of their stories, I am realizing it’s the first time they’ve been excited to go to church in a long time!

5) People are seeing the bigger picture. After attending twice, we have already had 4 people sign up to be a part of the Dream Team. They have already gotten beyond themselves, are seeing the bigger picture and want to be a part of the dream!

6) I think we might have the best set-up/tear-down team ever! Considering they make the same claim, we may have to challenge our friends at Origins Church on this but even after learning a completely new process/system in a new venue, our set-up and tear-down crew have been early two-weeks in a row now!

7) ARC is an incredible organization! Over the last two weeks I have had so many phone calls, e-mails, texts & tweets from fellow pastors and church planters encouraging us as we step out into this new venture. Knowing you have the true support of other churches is invaluable!

8) Being outsider focused matters! Over the last two weeks I have seen un-churhced and de-churched people come  to CP and feel acceptance & love. So many times we let our Christianese & traditions get in the way of relating and connecting with those outside the church. Many of us say it’s about relationship & not religion but what are we doing to show that?



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