This post will be the first in a weekly installment I will be calling RECAP. The point of these weekly posts will  be to RECAP Centerpoints gathering from the previous Sunday. This series of posts will give you a weekly snapshot of what God is doing at CP and will allow you to see my personal thoughts and reactions to what happened over the weekend. This Sunday was our official launch at Danbarry Cinema in Chillicothe, OH so there’s plenty to cover! Let’s get started!

1) It’s all about life change! We had a new commitment on Sunday from a person who told me yesterday that for the first time “God felt real.”

2) Great crowd! When it was all said and done we had nearly 75 people in the building and that’s 3x what we had been running on Sunday nights. I beleive this number will continue to grow.

3) Love the new venue! It’s not all about a building but a nice location and a newer facility is never a bad thing. I also love the intimacy of the main auditorium.

4) The band was rocking! It’s was the loudest and best I’ve ever heard those guys play! We have a tremendous group of musicians who get what worship is about and I’m truly thankful for that.

5) Our Dream Team is incredible! They truly served without question this weekend and they show no signs of stopping! A dream remains a dream without people.

6) Kidspoint was awesome! I heard so many of the kids sharing their experience with their parents and they were all so excited! Kids are a HUGE priority to us and feedback like this means our awesome teachers/workers are doing a great job!

7) Crazy Love requires Crazy Action. We gave away $500 this week and told people to use it if they needed it or to show someone else Crazy Love during the week and then share their stories. The stories are rolling in already and I am excited to share some of them this Sunday.

8) Environment matters. It was amazing to see how people, especially those outside the church, seemed instantly more comfortable in a non-religious setting.

9) Our Production Team is top notch! For a group of volunteers, without a ton of training, these guys are always on their game and it really showed Sunday. New venue, tweaked format and they still did phenomenal!

10) I love my family! They always show up to support and not everyone can say that.

11) I am blessed to have a great Leadership Team. These guys and gals get the vision of CP and do whatever it takes to see that fulfilled!

12) It’s only just begun. Sunday was such a major step but I was reminded as soon as we left that afternoon that God hasn’t event begin to do everything He wants yet!


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