Loving People

The last time we talked Centerpoint was at the fair passing out frisbees and getting ready for Crazy Love Family Day on August 29th. Both of those events are now finished and both were a complete success! We passed out 1500 frisbees at the fair, gave away over 50 movie tickets, talked to a bunch of people about faith and church and invited a bunch of people to Crazy Love. At Crazy Love Family Day, we ended up with over 500 people who seemed to have a lot of fun jumping on inflatables, taking train rides and eating cotton candy, popcorn and sno-cones!

It’s amazing to me how many people ask me why; why does Centerpoint do things like this? Why would you spend money just to make people smile? I always reverse this question and ask, why not? In the Matthew 22:36-40 Jesus tells us very plainly that the two greatest commandments are to love God and love people. It’s really that simple.

The amount of people that have asked me this “why” question have made me realize that the church is not doing nearly enough in our world to show people love. A frisbee might not be life-changing, but it might very well start the process of pointing people towards Jesus. There are a lot of churches doing a lot of good but we need a lot more churches doing a lot more good and showing, rather than telling people, what the love of Jesus looks like.


One thought on “Loving People

  1. Keith Yates says:

    Amen Brotha’… couldn’t agree more.

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