Video Games, Hell & Protetsts.

I recently had a friend send me an interesting blog link with a story regarding an elaborate marketing ploy by video gaming giant Electronic Arts. In early June, EA was gearing up for the release Dante’s Inferno, a video game based on a poem written by Dante Alighieri in the mid 1300’s, where the main character enters hell and battles all the wickedness set before him to save his love 🙂

Knowing the premise of the game itself was controversial, EA decided to use it  to their advantage by hiring 20 actors and sending them to the streets with picket signs and brochures to protest the “sinful” nature of the game. All 20 actors masqueraded as Christians and yielded signs with captions that read: “Trade in your PlayStation for a PrayStation” & “My high score is in heaven”. The company even created a website for the supposed protestors.

Some may read this story and see this situation as an attack on Christianity but I see a deeper problem here and the problem lies with those of us claiming to be followers of Jesus. Think about it, if enough Christians and churches hadn’t behaved like this in the past then this staged protest wouldn’t have been believable or successful but unfortunately that’s not the case.

If you claim to be a follower of Jesus then this should make you even more aware of the image problem facing the American church and I for one would like to be part of the solution. Many of us know they’re plenty of churches and Christians that aren’t like this but the question is, what are you personally doing to change the perception?

Churched or un-churched, please share your thoughts as we strive together to change this perception and show the true love of Jesus.  A love that never held a protest sign.



4 thoughts on “Video Games, Hell & Protetsts.

  1. Haven’t watched the video link yet – timing issue. I hear what you’re saying but would like to read more of your ideas about how to change this image, stay relevant and still uphold ALL the principles of Jesus not just the “love one another” ones. GIve us some specifics on how to blend (in) without bending(our principles).

  2. I will respond by borrowing a quote from Rob Bell: “Why blame the dark for being dark? What we should be doing is asking why the light isn’t as bright as it should be.” Jesus never spent much time yelling at the non-religious but He did spend some time talking to the religious about how much they seemed to enjoy judging those that feel into the previously mentioned category. Rather than yelling & protesting with our words maybe we should follow the example of Jesus by building relationships first &, through love, share truth.


  3. Ricky says:

    Aside from the consequences of how it makes Jesus’ followers look….that’s freaking hilarious…as a Christian i look at those people and they make me want to play that game

  4. Empire says:

    What are all the principles of Jesus? Did he not sum it up when he said love one another as i have loved you? i think love is the core of his message.

    The church has already blended in enough, especially in America with its patriotism and nationalistic theology. we swear allegiance to the Jesus who rides the war horse instead of the Jesus who rides the lowly donkey.
    I would love to see an Iraqi flag flying in the pulpit, right beside the red, white, and blue.

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