When I go all the way back to the summer of 2007, when Kristyn and I first felt led to plant a church, I realize how active my faith was. I had a job offer at a good company in a city Kristyn and I had always dreamed of living and raising a family in. We gave it all up, without the promise of anything, to come back to a place we said we’d never live to plant a church that didn’t exist. We had no building, no people and no money.

Now, nearly two years later, we have a building, we have people and we have a little money 🙂 and to be honest, I have become quite passive in my faith. God provided and once the building, the people and the money came, I seemed to put my faith in cruise control. Over the past couple months I have been challenged to re-define what it means to truly live with active faith.

Active faith is stepping out and taking a chance even when it doesn’t make sense. Active faith is feeling a nudge and stepping out even when we don’t know exactly what will happen. Active faith is realizing we can’t do it by ourselves even when we don’t know who else is willing to help us take the next step.

We must always remember that God loves to take unworthy people and use them to do very worthy things. He has crazy plans for all of us but we must allow our faith to take an active role. We must trust God when it doesn’t make sense, when we don’t know the next step , and when we don’t know who will help us. Passive faith plays it safe. Active faith takes risk & few people ever accomplish something worthwhile without a little risk.



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