Sunday Night Recap

In one word: Incredible! That’s what was promised Sunday night and that’s exactly what Matthew Paul Turner delivered. We had a record crowd of over 100 people, nearly all of whom seemed to connect with Matthew’s stories. Matthew brought lots of laughs and smiles and also a great deal of redemption and hope.

The most impressive thing to me was the diversity of people who attended the event. We had young and old, churched and un-churched. It was a great evening and hopefully a time that sparked further conversation and thought from everyone in attendance.

If you weren’t able to attend the event but would like to hear the Podcast you can download it for free from iTunes.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Recap

  1. Bethany says:

    Kysor’s blog said you had 70 people and you say you had 100 people there??? That’s a big difference…but 100 people sounds a lot better though and record breaking!!!here’s your pat on the back

  2. Matt didn’t count kids and volunteers and I did. That’s the difference. I think everyones important and Matt doesn’t 🙂


  3. Matt says:

    Kysor said about 70 was in attendance to hear MPT. Until we get tvs in the kids rooms, I’m sticking with that number.

  4. And I said we had a “crowd” of around 100 meaning total people. We were both right and I’m still not so sure we didn’t have a higher number than 70 in the auditorium. Guess we’ll never know for sure. Either way, MPT brought out a solid crowd.

  5. mattkysor says:

    After re-thinking and doing my best count – I am pretty convinced we had 162.4 people in the room. Great night!

  6. Now it’s just getting crazy!

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